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Truth! Jeb Blount makes the brilliant  and disruptive case that Sales EQ trumps all else and then shows us how to reach ultra-high sales performance in this powerful, game-changing guide."Mike Weinberg, Author of Sales Management Simplified

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You Get $3,174 in Free Sales Training Resources from Top Experts You Get When You Purchase Sales EQ 

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In this outstanding eBook. Kelly Rigg explains how to increase the Opportunity Value in your pipeline to achieve sales revenue and margin objectives. Value $15.95 

Mark Hunter, defines the 14 traits that are universal to top sales professionals and how to hone these traits in yourself. Value $17.95

The best sales techniques, tools, and training will take you absolutely nowhere...unless you also have the Sales EQ to engage buyers first. Jeb Blount gets straight to the heart of selling and explains how sellers can get in sync with their buyers at the human-to-human level that matters most of all."  Deb Calvert, Author of Discover QuestionsTM Get You Connected

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LinkedIn and Social Selling guru, Kurt Shaver, gives you a comprehensive and actionable check list for using LinkedIn for prospecting and sales. Value $19.99

Alen Mayer is a trusted adviser and coach to introverted entrepreneurs and sales pros. In this ebook/ workbook he offers a 5 Step Formula to help Introverts Sell More. Value $15.95

In this unabridged eBook version of his bestseller Power Principles, Jeb Blount gives you 5 steps to achieving the success you deserve in your sales career. Value $14.99

In this entertaining and engaging eBook bestselling author, Dave Kurlan, gives you 63 Powerful Tips for getting huge increases in sales. Value $49.99 

"In Sales EQJeb Blount takes you on an unprecedented journey into what it really takes to master the complex sale. Be prepared to change the way you think about sales."   - Mark Hunter, Author of High-Profit Prospecting


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"Sales EQ will stun the reader. It presents a pragmatic, easily implementable set of facts, and reverses old world thoughts and sales process with chapters like 'To BUY is Human'. Sales EQ will help you understand the new standard of sales. I loved this book. Buy it. Bank it! " 

- Jeffrey Gitomer "King of Sales" and author of The Little Red Book of Selling

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"Truth! Jeb Blount makes the brilliant and disruptive case that Sales EQ trumps all else and then shows us how to reach ultra-high sales performance in this powerful, game-changing guide."

 - Mike Weinberg, Author of Sales Management Simplified


Jeffrey Gitomer's Little eBook of Listening: It’s amazing how much you can learn by just keeping quiet. You learn more by listening than by speaking. How well do you listen? Value $17.95

The 10 Biggest Sales & Marketing Mistakes Everyone is Making…and How to Avoid Them -Discover simple solutions to the biggest challenges that hinder the success of entrepreneurs and startups with America’s #1 Sales Trainer, Tom Hopkins. Value $15.95

One of the greatest speakers, authors, and trainers of all time, Zig Ziglar teaches you the Golden Rule of Relationships in this rare audio program.  Value $19.95

Achieve Better Sales Results with Anthony Iannarino's complete Cold Calling Course. Includes 8 videos and workbook. Value $59.95

In this fantastic audio training program, Liz Wendling teaches you how to Update Your Sales Language and Close More Sales. If you have not updated, you’re outdated. Value $79.95

In the Human's Guide to Cold Email, Heather Morgan shows you how to research your buyers like a private detective, so that you can write sales emails so compelling that they feel like you've read their minds. Value $49.95

In this brilliant download, Deb Clavert gives you the 8 Questions that Immediately Get a Prospect's Attention. From the bestseller DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected.        Value $19.95

In 57 Varieties of Networking Opportunities, Jen Gluckow shows where to network and how to keep your pipeline full without cold calling. Value $21.95

Gain a winning edge and engage busy prospects during your sales presentation with these 10 advanced techniques from Julie Hansen author of Sales Presentations for Dummies. Value $17.95

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How to Easily Handle Sales Resistance and Objections. In this one-hour video training workshop, Art Sobczak shows how to professionally and conversationally address resistance and objections without sounding like a jerk. Value $79.99 

In the Full Funnel Marketing Guide, Matt Heinz shows you how to transform your team and business with the Full Funnel Marketing approach. Value $11.95 


In this report Lynn Hidy walks you through the five ways customers will betray you and what to do about it.  Value $9.95 


In the Voice Mail Report, Wendy Weiss shows you how to identify and reach the true decision maker. Value $26.95 


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In this white paper, RAIN Group leaders propose a new definition of consultative selling, and take a close look at the future and what you need to do to win in the new sales environment. Value $39.95 


10 Implementation Tools for Sales Managers. Kevin F. Davis gives you practical tools that sales managers can use to identify and implement improvements for their teams. Value $19.95

Sales EQ turns everything you thought you knew about sales upside down. 

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Ken Thoreson gives you a complete sales leadership tool kit that will get you on your way towards building a high-performance sales team. Value $19.95

Hidden Dangers of Discounting Your Price. Mark Hunter helps you understand not only the dangers of discounting your price, but also ways you can confidently sell at full price. Value $14.95

From Elinor Stutz, 3 Chapters of The Wish: A 360-Degree Business Development Process that Fuels Sales provides you with a blueprint for establishing a sound brand and sales strategies to grow sales. Value $5.95

In this eBook, Kelly Riggs gives you the one piece of advice you need for a successful career in sales. Value $7.95

In this eBook, Mike Brooks give you his 10 Proven Ways to Become Closer of the Month. Value $10.95

An inspiring eBook by The Irreverent Sales Girl about 5 Bold Moves five people took to become super successful. Value $14.95

A winning culture makes a world-class company. An average, poor or negative culture will cost your business lost revenues, profitability, and clients. In this eBook John Spence gives you the four-step process to creating and maintaining a winning culture. Value $59.95

Kendra Lee shows you how to keep your sales emails from being deleted with her Email Delete Barrier Checklist  Value $2.95

When you purchase Sales EQ you'll gain instant access to $3,174 in free resources including ebooks, audio programs, and reports from some of the biggest names in sales including:

  • Jeffrey Gitomer
  • Tom Hopkins
  • Anthony Iannarino
  • Mike Weinberg
  • Zig Ziglar
  • Deb Calvert
  • Kendra Lee
  • Mark Hunter
  • Art Sobczak
  • And many more (see full inventory of bonus gifts on the desktop site)

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Tibor Shanto, takes you on a journey to the future state of the sales profession in his Report on Sales Value $9.95

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