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You'll learn the five types of questions you should be asking in every sales interview.


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Customer Experience Book by Jeb Blount - People Love You

Nothing is more predictive to the long-term success of your team than selecting the best sales talent. Hiring mistakes cost sales organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, wasted training, turnover, and time. Sales Gravy's (free) Guide to Better Sales Interview Questions is designed to help you and your team excel at the sales interview process and hire better salespeople fast™.

Get below the surface with sales candidates
You'll learn how to engage sales candidates in deeper, more authentic conversations to reveal the "true candidate."

Seven sales competencies you must explore in every interview
Your candidate may have the experience you are looking for, a perfect resume that boasts of their myriad successes, be well educated, and project a great personal appearance . . . But can they sell?


Hiring better salespeople begins with a better interview
You will learn how sales candidates use sales techniques against you in interviews to cause you to make poor hiring decisions.
This 33 page ebook is packed with information that will help you select the best talent and build a high-performance sales team!


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