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—Jill Konrath, author of SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies

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"People Love You, teaches you how to ensure your customers love you, love your company, love your products and services, and love to give you their money." - Jeffrey Gitomer, author of Customer Satisfaction is Worthless


Roadmapping for Business Success by Diane Helbig

We all know about goal setting. However, many times we fail to goal plan. In this action-oriented e-book you’ll find instructions for creating your own roadmap to get you to your business goals. Value: $79.00

2013 Goal Planning Guide - Jeb Blount

This 19 page ebook by Jeb Blount helps you define and set powerful goals to kick start your success. Downloaded more than 100,000 times. $19.95 Value

Just Be Valuable Customer Stewardship Toolbox from Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Good and simple tools can improve the results including having more people love you. Use the tools to assess for clarity and improved execution.$97.00 Value

The Engagement Formula: Three Simple Steps That Guarantee Full Employee Engagement by Ross Reck

Included is a PDF download of Ross Reck's leading edge book, The Engagement Formula plus a free subscription to his weekly email newsletter.Value $30.00

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The Secret to Building Enduring, Unbreakable Relationships With Your Customers

Every time you or someone in your company engages a customer, it creates an experience―something memorable. When customers have a positive emotional experience, it anchors them to your brand, your product or service, and ultimately to you.

People Love You is a practical guide to creating deep, enduring emotional bonds with customers that last a lifetime. Author Jeb Blount is a leading expert on human behavior in the workplace. In People Love You, he explains how your customer’s interaction with people in your company impacts your income and your company’s bottom line.

You will discover the REAL secret to delivering WOW customer experiences, including:

  • 7 Essential Principles of Customer Engagement
  • 5 Levers for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience
  • The Secret to Bridging the Experience Gap
  • 2 Most Important Rules for Dealing with Pissed-off Customers
  • How to Leverage the Pull Strategy to become a Trusted Advisor

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A Practical Guide to Getting Sales Teams to Prospect - Wendy Weiss

If you are struggling to get new people going or you need to jumpstart your existing team’s production, this new e-book is for you. You’ll find expert advice, useful exercises and assignments for your team’s training. Value $29.00

10 Secrets of a Successful Sales Meeting - Mark Hunter "The Sales Hunter"

Too many sales meetings are a waste of time!  Your meetings can benefit everyone involved if you know these 10 secrets. Value $14.99

Learn ten proven techniques that you can apply instantly to qualify better leads, overcome more objections, and close more sales.  Download your copy today! Value $19.95

People like people who are like them. More importantly, people buy from people whom they like and trust; we want to create a more likeable and trustworthy you! We will show you the secrets of connecting with your clients instantly and establishing rapport. Value $19.95

If misery loves company, then motivation breeds success! A collection of favorite motivational quotes! Some are sales related, some business related, most simply life related. Just a random thought each day to keep you positive. Value $4.99

Ten Techniques to Instantly Make You a Better Closer - Mike Brooks

The Secrets of Connecting With Your Clients Instantly - Alen Mayer

Daily Motivational Quotes e-Book from B2B Sales Connections

Without a structured onboarding program, your investment in a new sales person is likely to be flushed away. In this e-book you’ll learn the business case for sales person onboarding and how to implement it in your company. Value $39.95

A valuable collection of sales articles and insights from Bill Guertin, sales trainer to the ticket sales departments of over 50 professional sports teams in North America. Value $27.00

Sales Person Onboarding Best Practices e-Book - Sales Management Strategist Lee Salz

Jungle Wisdom, Vol. 1:  Insights from The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales Performance - Bill Guertin

An Excel spreadsheet that helps you stage, calculate and balance your pipeline, visually see the number and value of opportunities in each stage, and manage the pipeline going forward. Value $47.00

A  148 page e-Book for Business Owners, Sales Managers and Salespeople that shows you step-by-step how to dramatically improve your effectiveness and vault your career or company into the top of your Industry. Value $50.00

Visual Sales Pipeline Tool - Dave Kurlan

The Sales Excellence e-Book - Stan Billue

People Love YOU team workbook. This workbook will help you get your entire team focused on better account management and delivering a legendary customer experience. Value $39.95

People Love YOU Team Workbook

People love to buy! Your job is to discover why. Originally written as a companion to the Business Week and USA Today best-seller Little Red Book of Sales Answers, Jeffrey is offeringBuying Motives: Jeffrey Gitomer's Little e-Book of Why People Buy. Here Jeffrey presents his best ideas to help you identify and uncover the real reasons why people buy, and in doing so generate a lifetime of sales success. Value $7.96

Buying Motives: Jeffrey Gitomer's Little e-Book of Why People Buy

Your presentation has to keep clients engaged. Sales pros build emotions AND help clients rationalize making decisions. Then, they follow proven steps to getting referrals. Value $95.00

Powerful Presentations MP3 & Seven Steps to Getting Referrals e-Book - Tom Hopkins

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A tool developed by Ken Thoreson and Acumen Management to help you develop effective and sustainable sales strategyValue $29.95.  

Sales Strategy Development Kit - Ken Thoreson

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